Massive Stockpile of Old Games!

I spotted an ad on Craigslist for a guy that had a bunch of old games from the Seattle Center Fun Forest from back in the '70s and early '80s. After emailing back and forth he sent me a list of the games and he had well over 100 and for the video games I was interested in, they were only $50. I told him I wanted the Rip Off and Star Hawk, two old black and white vectors that are fairly rare and headed up the next day. Unfortunately he sold the Rip Off by the time I got there... lame, but you snooze, you lose in the arcade collecting hobby! Anyway, I bought the Cinematronics Starhawk. It is very clean and complete, though not working as expected. All the games in the basement and shop (vids and ems) were all complete, lifted off the ground on wood palletes with wheels, and dirty and a little rusty from being there 20 years. There were lots of cool EM shooter, rifle and driving games, some were quite huge. A great looking sit-down Night Driver. A yellow Computer Space that was working, but he knew it's value. I took a bunch of pix just because the scope of old games was so massive I figured other people would be interested in checking them out:

From all reports, most, if not all of these games have now been sold: The first look in spotting my Starhawk

A few of the EM rifle games

The legendary first stand-up arcade game Computer Space

Cool looking upended driving game and Haunted House EM:

A nice looking sit-down Night Driver lurking in the corner

1975 Exidy Alley Rally driver I considered buying for it's cool artwork

A bunch more EM rifle games

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