I grew up in the 80's and have always been into arcade games and pinball machines. As a kid I spent many hours riding busses or biking across town with my friends to different arcades or stores with an arcade game or pin buried in one corner, sinking countless quarters into defending the earth, gunning down enemy planes, and hitting the silver ball. Arcade games provided an escape from the world and it's problems. For a quarter or two I could be transported into another world where I was no longer an insignifican minor player in the events that happened around me, but was instead the king, the hero, the conqueror and the champion. Well... at least until I died.

Today I collect old arcade and pinball games for fun. I fix, repair, trade, restore, buy and sell games in the Seattle area. This is a hobby for me, it's all about fun. Northwestarcade.com is pretty simple, it includes my collection, items I currently have for sale or trade, items I'm looking for, and links to other arcade and pinball sites that are local or I find essential. If you have any questions or are looking to sell, buy or trade a game locally, by all means, feel free to email me at dan10things at gmail dot com.

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